Saturday, December 3, 2011

Write about a Sibling and what I appreciate about them

I think I will write about my favorite bestest most wonderful and amazing (not to mention only) sister.
She is 21 years old and a senior in college. She's a second degree black belt and could own any martial artist except me. (and Chuck Norris)
She is 5' 6" and 5' 5" of that is sweetness.
What I am thankful for about her is...
Other than almost everything...
She's rich and gives me lotsof money!!!
Ok, maybe not.
She has been not only a sister, but a really good friend. She has a good sense of humor and knows how to give a world class message. That came in handy after football practice. (thats where I learned how to give one) From Jenny, not from football practice : )
And there you go.

In Christ alone,
Josh Martin

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