Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello every one.
I really dont do the whole blogging thing but a ton of my friends do, so here goes.
My reason for not blogging is a simple one, I think it takes to much of ones time, that is why you will never find me on face book. I decided to make a blogg because their is a lot of thing going on and this the most efective way to tell them. With this blogg I plan on doing 2 things, telling people what is happening with me and the main purpose is to honor my God and King. I turend my life over to Christ when I was 12 years old. I regret not doing it much sooner. I have sence been living my life to please the and serve my Lord and Savior. I am in 11 grade and hope to graduate this coming school year. After that I hope to go to Maranatha University in Wisconsin, it is a christian school that many of the teachers at Chess went to. I really dont know what comes after that. I guess I will just leave that up to God. I would like to get married around age 23, but then I cant really control that. Well thats my first post I hope you enjoyed it.
Josh Martin