Thursday, December 1, 2011

Poetry that I have writen

The Unspoken

When thou walketh in sunlight,

the rays dance upon thy brunet locks.

Never had I gazed upon one so fair,

nor seen one so, in such radiance.

Thou speech and manner doth baffle my comprehension,

I become flustered when thou art near.

Much travleth unsaid that wishes to be spoken,

and doth lay to rest in the depth of my heart.

My silence echoes the joy that I find in you.

If I speak, the echo is shattered as to be unpleasing to thou.

When will my heart find the sign?

It yearns for the day of grace fulfilled.

What some view as a pebble in the heap,

I view as a diamond in the rough.



In Christ alone,
Josh Martin

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