Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Favorite Season

This was a tough one. I like two seasons, fall and spring. I like fall because my birthday is on the first day of fall. (That made it easy to remember) Also football season is going and the trees are quite lovely (What? I'm not saying I want to build a summer home) Some of you might get that. Leave a comment and tell me if you do.
On the other hand there is spring which I'm going to have to say is my favorite. The joys of the greenness and rain and such. I am not the best with words, so I will use a quote of a very dear friend of mine.

"I love the smell of rain; how earthy and fresh it will leave everything. I love how it brings lovely thoughts of tea. I love walking in rain and getting all soaked. I love hearing the drops go pitter patter against my window. I love feeling the water on my face. I love having an umbrella to twirl around like Gene Kelly. In short: I LOVE RAIN! It’s the best part of spring."

Perfect way of putting it Rose :)
And yes, I did copy paste that strait from your blog. If any of you out there want to read it it is here ... http://throughmyrosyeyesi.blogspot.com/
That is my favorite comic strip.

In Christ alone,
Josh Martin

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Tillie said...

"I'm not saying I would build a Summer home here, but the trees are quite lovely." *The Look*

Haha! Love that movie! Such a great quotable!