Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 things that I appreciate about my Mother:

#1 She gave birth to me. I’m a bit thankful for that!

#2 She homeschooled me in a Christian manner. I’m a bit thankful for that too!

#3 She let me have the first snow day off from school so we could go play in the snow.

#4She is a great cook, even though she complains about it. I wish I was a better cook and could help her more.

#5 She has a pretty compassionate heart.

#6Her and I share the same sense of humor.

#7 She will often try to convince my dad that pizza is something that is needed, and not just a treat 

#8 She is a very safe and confidant driver. (much better than I probably ever will be)

#9 Now that I am in college, she doesn’t tell me what school I need to be doing. (Believe me, I appreciate that a lot)

# 10 She loves me!

In Christ alone, Josh Martin

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