Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thesis paper for Biblical foundations of medicine

This is the most awkward paper I have had to write and the reading for the class was 10 times worse. (NO JOKE!)

Thesis: Hospital births should be preferred for mother and the child

I do not agree with this thesis. Listed below are the reasons I am against it:

⦁ God made women fully capable of bearing children and when doctors get involved they often cause complications. A home birth is a natural way to be fruitful and multiply the way God intended. Doctors will often do things to a child when it is born that is not necessary. That leads to point two.

⦁Every birth is individual and should not be processed as if it were a standard routine. When a few babies have a condition, hospitals will often adapt and start treating all babies as if they have the condition. Therefor your child could be subjected to treatments that are potentially harmful. Every birth is a miracle given to us by God and should be treated that way. A home birth offers security, privacy, and individual attention to detail.

⦁Hospital births became popular because of the relief from pain that it offered. For some women pain can be a very intimidating thought. The thought of a painless birth might sound too good to be true, but many are willing to try. In a hospital during the excitement of labor, you can’t be fully aware of everything going on around you and the doctors could possibly try a new procedure without informing you fully of what may happen.

⦁Health is greatly improved. In a hospital there a many more germs, which over time have grown accustom to the disinfectants and are much stronger than average germs. Why would you put a new born baby in a location that could be detrimental to its health? A midwife is just as capable of taking care of a new born baby as a doctor is, because midwives are either trained by another midwife for a good period of time, or certified as a nurse.

⦁The benefits of a doctor. Having checkups to make sure a baby is healthy and the process is going correctly is very important. When having a high risk pregnancy a doctor can be very helpful if something were to go wrong such as the loss of too much blood. If a catastrophe were to happen, hospitals are equipped with the correct tools to be of great assistance.

Conclusion If it is a low risk pregnancy it would be more beneficial to have a home birth. However there is risk in every pregnancy and every birth. Being ready to transfer to a hospital if the worst should happen is not a bad idea. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;

Josh Martin


Jenna said...

I remember writing a paper on "Be Fruitful and Multiply"...(trusting the Lord) and yikes was that awkward too:)

Way to stand up and share a Biblical view despite the discomfort.

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