Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Bam, most people would use this word when they do something cool or like pone someone in a game. Thats not how I think of it!


Hmmm, What that means to me is BE A MAN!
Now I know that I only have like 5 followers who are guys, but this is for you. Girls don't worry, I have stuff for you in this post too.

They say that chivalry is dead. Do you agree with that? Leave a comment and tell me if you think that chivalry is dead. I think it is! And I am going to blame the girls for that one. Girls, yes, you killed chivalry! Back in the day when girls wore ten layers of close and stayed at home with their mother and learned how to make a good help mate someday, men had ample opportunity to be chivalrous. Now with all these Career women who do everything for themselves, they don't give us guys any chances to be chivalrous.

Now guys, It is our job to protect the honor of girls and try to please them if we can as long as we don't compromise ourselves. So if there is a door to be opened..... Try to open it before the girl notices. Girls, I know that you are always thinking, (and usually talking) and you notice that the door needs opened, but for crying out loud!!! Give the poor guy a chance!! Guys, Take the chance!!

Okay, now everyone is happy!

Josh Martin

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( The Real)Libbi H. said...

Totally agree~Good Post!

ajfcello said...

So true, Josh! Great post!

Jessica said...

AGREED. Love this!