Thursday, January 27, 2011

Urgent prayer request!

Hello all of my 15 followers.
So I have a prayer request for you.
I know this girl named Mariel. She just turned 21. Last friday, she went missing. No one knew where she was for a couple days, but her parents found her 2 days ago. I cant give you many details, but she is with some bad friends and might leave the country. If she leaves, there is a very good chance that she wont come home alive.

Please pray for her and her family!

Josh Martin


{Far From Perfect} said...

Just prayed!! Keep us updated.

Libbi H. said...

Definitely Praying!

Katelyn said...

Praying. Sad situation! God is mighty.

ajfcello said...

oh my word. I am praying for her!!!