Sunday, July 11, 2010



Short and sweet. Respect is something that is earned, not just given to you. However, God has made roles that should receive respect such as parents and teachers. We need to give them respect because they are authorities to us. Let’s start with parents shall we? I know that most of my followers and in fact I think all my followers are teen agers. I know that at this age it is hard to show respect to your parents but we still need to do our best. It says in the Bible many times to honor your father and mother, it’s even one of the Ten Commandments. So we need to do it because it is a direct order from God. I know it’s hard now and it will get harder before it gets easier but we still need to do it.
“When I was 14 my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand him, but when I turned 21 I was amazed at how much he had learned in 7 years.” Mark Twain. I love that quote because it typifies how the world looks at it. We feel like we know more and our parents are so old fashioned, but they really do know more than they let on.
Now we move on to teachers. Clearly they know more than we do. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be teaching. I don’t know if you have trouble respecting teachers or not. I don’t really, but if you do just keep in mind that God has placed them in a spot of authority over us and we need to respect them for it.
And then of course there is how we earn respect. We earn it by standing up for what we believe in and doing everything to the best of our abilities. Even if you don’t like another person, take me and Katie Ong. We can’t stand each other but I respect her for who she is. She bugs me (that’s an understatement) but I won’t try to change her because she is who she is and I am who I am and that’s the way God made us. God made us all different but all in his own image. We all like different things and different people and I respect you all for who you are and what you like.
God bless you all and if you know anyone who you think would benefit by reading my blog please invite them.
Josh Martin

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ajfcello said...

Very interesting post, Josh. I really like it. Not many teenagers (even Christians)would be brave enough to do a post about respect on their blog. : )
Great post!
In Christ,